A year in review.

So it's painfully evident that my priorities have been a bit misguided when it comes to my blog, but that's life and we move on. I am also very aware that around this time of year so many of us take time out to make online posts about how '2014 is my year' blah blah...but really like Christmas is only just a day, the new year is also just a day away...Yes I know- I have become a bit of a pessimist in my youth, but I think that's just the evidence of reality splashing me in the face. But on from my gloomy outlook, I thought I'd enjoy just one rare moment of online vanity and look back at some moments in the year of 2013 that will be vivid in my memory for many more months and years to come.

Going to the sunshine state of Florida and stopping through the city that truly never sleeps and meeting the man who always makes it wonder if it will "ever be cool" aka Mr Brian McKnight was one of my highlights this year.  As a Brit one is usually depraved from the warmth and sight of the sun, but this year I had the best of both summers- British heat wave temperatures were practically the daily normal temp in Miami, so with what has been a mild winter (in regards to the fact that it hasn't snowed) I cannot complain.
As a creative I am extremely experiencing new levels of passion within the creative/fashion industry and my newest love has been exploring the beauty industry and falling down the rabbit hole of make up...as I'm sure you know I.AM.A.MAC.GIRL.
Food.Drink. Shoes. Music.  That is how I have regarded the 'culture' aspect of my life.

My top 8 albums of the year (random number I know) are below....
-Drake-Nothing was the same-truly the rap/hip-hop genre will never be the same
-Beyonce-The Visual album- if you want to tell the world 'fuck u...' then this is how you do it.
-TGT- Three Kings- these three kings of R&B are blessing us in every way. full stop.
-Brandy- Two Eleven- relationship love letters in the form of music.
-Fantasia- Side Effects of You- another lyrically real album but easy to vibe too.
-R. Kelly- Black panties- twerk/grind/buss it whatever it's R.Kelly
-Rudimental-Home- all I will say is that my neighbours must be happy that I'm moving as my walls have reverberated this album at least twice a week.
Justin Timberlake- if you want to know how to do REAL proper music that is more than air-play worthy then this is how you do it.

There are loads more to add to the list but I wanted to keep this post semi-short (coughs)
And after what has been a roller coaster of year for me, in every way I am grateful for all my experiences and thankful to God for my friends and family who have been with me throughout an interesting year!

I would love to know what your highs/lows have been throughout 2013.
Happy New Year...
(spills her glass...guess some things don't change hehe)

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