Picasso Baby.

My current situations and my hectic schedule these days only sees me enjoy art, it seems from the glaring screen of my i-pad or desktop. Not to disregard that as a form of viewing art but I really miss the interaction and exchange that happens when you say, go to a gallery or exhibition. Having said all that it does make me extremely grateful that I can connect online and still enjoy the art scene from a wider platform. So you can only imagine just how I excited and inspired I felt after discovering this little beauty via Mr. Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z. I don't know how exactly to articulate my views on this but basically it's a little something like this...  

'This video is a pretentiously cool performance but it's also not pretentiously cool at the exact same time" A bit like the material from his latest album, it's somewhat 'there' but also misses the mark as well. 

But overall I do love this video and the song too. 

What are your views and would you even consider this to be art?

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