Catch me if you can.

Hello Hello!! So the last time you herd from me, I was (accidentally) spilling my New Years celebration champagne whilst going about in a dull and glum outlook(life). The start to the new year hasn't necessarily worked out how I had planned, but I am remaining positive and hopeful. With a crazy hectic start to my schedule it's natural that my darling blog would receive some virtual dust. 

Alas, the progression of our digital society has allowed me to share my verbal musings in a photographic way via Instagram and Pinterest
With my personal instagram page expect a lot of posts featuring food, food, fashion, shopping, lifestyle a lot of random shameless selfies (always love thy self(the purple tweed mantra)), outbursts of creative and artistic loves and finds, ooh and food and everything else that fills my life.
In regards to Pinterest. It's been a digital relief for my mac memory, which is 90% full, when it comes to my fashion image library. But other than that, it's been a great way to interact with lots of like-minded individuals but also share my wishlists and interior design ideas.
So do take heed to this invitation and delve into the digital abyss, which somewhere in a whole lot of coding contains my life and point of view in photographic form. 

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