No new clothes no no new.

All pieces from Topshop.com

In the words of Dj Khaled and Drake....No new clothes no no new clothes no no! 
I'm on a clothing buying ban until October! :-(
This has been enforced by myself, in order to continue the motivation to get my collection finished. 
However that doesn't stop me from spending time supposedly looking for inspiration (yeah right) on Topshop.com looking and refreshing the 'new in' page. Their upcoming trends for AW13 have absolutely soooo many lush pieces and alot of the trends include texture and alot of feminine touches. These days I've been inundated with a love for wedge shoes. I don't need them as most of the ones on sale are for summer, and I already own like 3 recently new pairs for ages that have never been worn (forgive me oh fellow shoe lovers out there, remember recovering shoeaholic and all etc lol) but the shoe angels out there keep throwing my attention towards them.
Impractical for the upcoming cold season, I have to remind myself that treking to work in the snow was not fun last time and I wore chelsea boots, so how I think that wedges would be any better...I must be crazy...mmm but driving in wedges can be done hehehe!
I'm not one for big massive prints and colours but the shock setting mustard shoes and scarf are totally nothing short of beautiful. The checks are incredibly versatile and a great way to do librarian chic but with a sexy twist by adding the green stilettos. And we all know that if I don't make myself a bangin' coat/jacket then this super gorgeous check wool boyfriend coatigan will be my next autumn coat !
Don't get me started on the jewellery. No that I also work for that department, I WILL be getting new pieces whether my bank manager likes it or not! 
Looking forward to adding sequins to my daily wardrobe looks, it's not everyday I can dress like Cinderella or my style icon Diana Princess of Wales but I can add some of their glamour to some simple basics like a pencil skirt, will def make one because a-line and my luscious hips just ain't gonna work.
But all in all I'm looking forward to what AW13 has to offer on the high street and more so more excited for my collection too!

Images from Topshop.com


  1. I absolutely adore the pink kilt and the metallic sandals! In fact, I would happily have everything in this list!

    You have serious style and I absolutely love your blog. Consider me your new follower!

    Bethany Paige (paigeoffashion.blogspot.co.uk) X

  2. those metallic shoes <3 omg! thank you for sharing. love seeing everyone's A/W wishlist/must haves.
    so excited for fall weather and thank you for dropping by my blog.