Beauty Box Review: Part 2 Cosmetics

As part of my 'Purple Tweed Summer Special' I thought I'd include a beauty post on how to still keep your face/skin looking fabulous whilst the temperatures cause you to sweat buckets! 
This knowledge has come from experience and from hours of watching various beauty youtubers show the world how to apply make-up for warmer climates. 
Now this isn't a 'how to get that sun kissed skin look' type of post. No, this is just showing you some of the products I've purchased in order for me to still maintain my make-up routine even in temperatures above 70F!!
The two main products I will be reviewing will be both from MAC (sorry guys-I can't help myself)

Face and Body Foundation in C7

Skin Base Visage Primer

Starting with the primer, I am really impressed with this product. It is easy to apply, non greasy which is great for me as I have combination skin, and when your on holiday in seriously hot temps the last thing you want is for your primer to be sliding everywhere because your make-up simply has no chance of staying in place at all! 
As it is MAC it is on the pricey side at  £20.50 but you get what you pay for and more as you don't have to apply alot. However the way I view it, foundation without primer is like tea without sugar; sometimes its okay, but every now and then you need a bit of sweetness in your life :-) 

I'll give it a 8/10, it would be 10/10 but I haven't shopped around for other primers and my view is slightly bias as my foundations are from MAC also so you know, like two peas in a pod! Lol. 

Purchasing a lighter based foundation (in terms of formula) was a necessity for my 'holiday make-up routine' to be a success. I j'adore my Studio Fix Fluid but it's thick creamy consistency is something that would soon annoy me and the last thing you want is to feel the weight of your foundation. 
Although, at first, I was sceptical about just how 'light' this foundation is, as it is sheer to light coverage so you need to have fabulously clear skin otherwise I suggest you be prepared  to do some mixing and blending with another foundation in order to achieve the coverage you desire.
A little tip is that, if you already use MAC foundations it's best to mention the colour of that foundation to the make-up assistant who is serving you. This makes it much easier and faster at helping them help you to find the right colour and shade for your complexion. When I purchased mine, I was in duty free so the bottle size was perfect to fit into my hand luggage and just the right amount, as it's not going to be my main foundation.
All in all the colour selection process was quick and easy, the shade just blended in with my skin and the overall application is just really natural, which I love. It's light and a little goes a long way. I personally used my flat foundation brush in a 'stippling' motion, the bristles of this particular brush are sparse and not so tightly packed together, so it allows the product to spread more in a way that makes it even for me.  Next time however I would like to use the beauty blender sponge (see what all the hype is about) and see if the 'naturally flawless finish' that I achieved can be improved by applying it with a different utensil. 
When I used it first time on holiday, it was 30 degrees with no breeze whatsoever! My make-up stayed on all day, with only having to blot once! I even forget that I had put it on, that I nearly forgot to take it off before I went to bed.  
I really like this foundation and would probably begin to use it on a daily basis as opposed to my Sleek BB Cream, as it is soo lovely and light but still gives off that naturally perfected look.

As you can see in the picture I was going for a natural look, so my concealer coverage was little to non and I didn't really 'set' my foundation either but just applied bronzer and polished my brows and finished the look with a creamy nude lipstick. 
MAC-Russian Red, Revlon-Mink, Revlon-Pink in the afternoon, Sleek-Heartbreaker

Sleek Blush by 3-L-R
Crochet, Guipure,Chantilly

My other recent beauty purchases over the last three months have included the following;
my first EVER MAC lipstick in Russian red **j'adore**
Revlon super lustrous lipstick in mink and pink in the afternoon
Sleek true colour matte lipstick in heartbreaker 
Real Techniques foundation brush(which is actually perfect for under-eye concealer)
Real Techniques Powder brush
Real Techniques Domed eye-shadow brush 
Sleek i-Divine Palette in Au Naturel.
Sleek Blush by 3
L'oreal Voluminous mascara
NYC Sky High mascara
L'oreal super-fine liquid eyeliner 
H&M Double-sided eye brush (so versatile and perfect to carry in your 'all day make up bag')

So, yes these have been the updates to my beauty box in the last 2-3 months or so, tweet me of your latest purchases, and let me know what other things help your summer beauty regime go without a hitch!



  1. GUUUUUAAA LOVELY!!! love your lip colors!!! and love the mac make hop, i want to buy it , like your blog .... wanna follow eahc other?? kisses

    1. thank you for your lovely comments! xxx