And God Created Woman...AW14

Now I know that I stated that if my posts became sparse and few in-between that it was due to my collection, I also mentioned that it was easy for me to totally disregard my commitment to my decision, but the truth is there is absolutely no point in running away from the things you love doing, because eventually it will catch up with you and or you'll live to regret it. And in the words of one Aubrey Drake Graham, 'you only live once' I'm not one for regrets, so here goes!
Collating my research really has been 22 years in the making hehe, and it's been extremely exhilarating and soo very therapeutic coming home from a stressful environment at work, to only throw myself deep into fabrics, texture, music, art, culture, food *late night snacks* :-) to unearth my creative juices in order to form my moodboard. The below images is what I call my 'developing moodboard'. It's the moodbaord that I am using in the 'design development stage', whereby I begin sketching, drawing and sampling different textile and sewing techniques. It's ever changing and growing, but I will post the final one as soon as I have completed my samples.

Entitled '..and God created Woman'. This autumn winter collection is all about the woman; the exquisite beauty of the female form, the political and religious standings we have within our societies and so much more. I'm in love with the ever complex juxtaposition of hard and soft, feminine and masculine, this mixed in with alot of 90s references (as I am a nineties baby), fused with a British/Zimbabwean heritage but with an ultra chic modern urbanite aesthetic, from me to you I present MVSS©
This is the link to my pintrest page, which has more images, and this is the mini youtube playlist I have created to accompany this post. Just a few tracks that have inspired me through my research. 

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