Emerald Passions

As I delve deeper and deeper into research in order to gain knowledge, I find my naïve self-falling further and further down the rabbit’s hole that is make-up. I’ve always been in love with it and wanted to work with make-up. During my spring clean I found scribes of goals and plans that my teenage 13 year old self had written down and it was listed within this order; ‘fashion, make-up and hair’! And like with everything else, as you begin to learn something and gain understanding, you workout your likes and dislikes and the little tricks of the trade that enable you to achieve the results you desire.  Make-up, believe it or not has taught me to be more patient and more thorough with everything in my life. I am also a strong believer that make-up should not be used to hide who you really are, but only enhance the amazing natural beauty that god gave you, so wearing bright colours and shocking shades really wasn’t my thing. I was especially put off when I would see women walking around like they had literally done their make up in the dark- not a good look-believe me!

 However fortunately or unfortunately I have fallen in love with the Sleek ‘i-divine’ eye-shadow palettes. In total I have about 5/13 of the different palettes they have created. The colours are rich, intense and FULL of pigment and they last with or without primer! So I finally decided to take the unnecessary fear out of wearing bright shades and sit down in front my mirror and just practise, and this is what I have come up with. Inspired by Pantones colour of the year I call it

Emerald Passions

For this look I have only just done my eyebrows and eyes, not a full face so please excuse the pores and shiny face lol

Tools Used;
Eyeshadow brush x2
Crease Brush
Blending brush
Eyeliner brush
Baby wipes
Sleek ‘i-Divine’ eyeshadow palette in; 
Ultra matte
Au Naturel

I’ve enjoyed putting this together and I hope you like it, and if you wish to see more posts like this, let me know! Comment, email or tweet me :-)

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