Shaping Up

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Clinique bottom lash mascara, Mac eyebrown pencil in stud, Bobbi Brown natural brow shaper, Maybelline great lash mascara.

Eyebrows, just like the hair on your head, are part of the crowning glory that makes up your face and adds personality to it all. From the dawn of time, women have been obsessed with eyebrows, their shape, thickness and colour. 
I have always been taught that once you shape your eyebrows for the first time ever, you must therefore go on and continue keeping them in check. I was blessed with a shape that didn't require the chore of plucking, until I turned 21. It was then when I looked in the mirror and realized I would have to work at finding the best way to enhance and express my personal beauty and I found it, through the art of threading. Although some comment and say they prefer waxing to threading(less pain etc) it really is each to their own. I hate being far from my eyebrow lady as when they are not neat or are beginning to form a jungle-I just don't feel like me. There is something psychological behind getting your eyebrows treated that for me personally, if I had to wear no make up for six months, I would be ok, so long as I was allowed to see my threading lady!!!!
It's been through this emotion that I have taught myself how to thread from some youtubers. Having said all that, since getting my fringe at the beginning of this year, I have decided to let them go to rack and ruin and let them grow so I can reshape them and adopt a new style.
I have fallen in love with the upcoming trend in beauty for ss13 which is the 'strong brow', seen at Alexander Wang, Burberry and Etro, its the make-up artists new love for the season. The top two pics are of me before fringe with 'semi thin high arched brows' and then with my fringe covering my amazonian brows. On it's own without the pencil I would probably go for Alexander Wang's glow in the dark style or maybe pluck myself thick with Diane Von Furstenbergs city lasses.  

Are there any other beauty trends that you are hoping to adopt this season?

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