The Galaxy at my feet.

I do promise you that I do buy and wear clothes :-) :-)  I think that shoes are just so much more interesting to buy/wear and blog about! Clothes are there to protect our beautiful curves and bumps from mother natures elements, and yes, in this civilization we currently reside in; clothes can be immensely beautiful as well as serve a purpose. However shoes are a different kettle of fish altogether! Sky high heels are not practical or a necessity-their hardly the best things to be wearing when pounding the pavements on the morning commute,neither are they biologically sound-otherwise God would have us all walk around the joint like ballerinas and all shoes would be shaped to accommodate such! But as unpractical, biologically dangerous and sky scraping high as they are; we or rather I have fallen in love with them. 
These darlings were sitting there on the sale rack-minding their own business one Saturday evening, when I happened to walk past Topshop Flagship at Oxford Circus and in a twinkle of an eye the heaters at the front of the store, lured me in and my senses were awoken. Bright bold colour's strewn across mannequins in statement crop tees with zebras on them, jungle inspired hairstyles and boxy neoprene bags, passed me by as I casually descended down to the ground floor. They say that in life things come to you when you are neither looking for or needing them-and with this pair it was just like love at first sight and just my size and just the perfect price. 
Have a lovely week all :-)

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