Spring Clean part 1

Usually Spring cleans are massive clear-outs or deep cleans of ones living/work environment, when you take the awful task of taking the bin liner into the garage and empty out all that you don't use or need anymore! I will be taking up this ritual of 'spring cleaning' my bedroom/studio. But I also thought it appropriate to do the same with my beauty box, replace or buy new products to enhance my skincare routine. I've had great fun doing this; and above is a picture of some of the products I have purchased or already use. I have loved Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden products for a long time, and I used to consider them to be slightly out of my price range for bath/shower products, however of recent times I've discovered the need to use products that simulate a spa experience. My hectic schedule doesn't always allow me to go to the spa or sauna every month so I thought I would 'cheat' and get the products they use and spoil myself with spa products on a daily basis.

Mini Review;

I purchased the body lotion, massage oil, body shower and soap scrub and the hip and thigh massage brush. I LOVE nearly everything except the body lotion; I find it too thin a lotion for me personally and would like to get the body butter instead as I prefer the consistency of that product. I used them all as soon as I got home from work, and after a luxury 45 minute shower, I stepped out feeling like a new woman, skin super super soft, clean and just a general sense of relaxation; I really did feel like I had, had a session with Frederick my Swiss masseuse and my skin had the results of both a spa and sauna like experience.  

Make-up wise, I'm a MAC girl-when it comes to my foundation base, and have been now for the last three years. Their products match my skin-tone perfectly and are good quality, plus I love the whole experience of going to the counter and getting your face made up. Today I got an upgrade on my liquid foundation from SELECT COVER UP to STUDIO FIX which is amazing!!! It lasts for up to 15 hours and is versatile as it allows you to build up coverage or just have a light base.
Also the latest addition to my beauty box is a new set of make-up brushes from Crown. It has been said by runway make-up artists that 'the product can cost hundreds, but if your tools are cheap then your make up will look cheap too'. So I am very happy with my Luna 517 15 piece set. The brushes are uber soft, easy to clean and very good quality with no shedding whatsoever. 
I've always been a beauty junkie, but have been slow to release my inner beauty goddess, but having this spring clean has helped getting ready in the mornings easier on tremendous levels.

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