'You Fancy Huh?'

I think if Drake ever re-wrote the track 'Fancy', I think he should ask 'you McFancy huh?' instead. 
'McFancy' is a concept thought up by creative agency access-agency.net aka The Cool HunterThey've fantastically come up with this abstract idea of re-branding the very famous golden arches brand McDonald's towards a new demographic as it were-the Fashion week crowd.

Setting up pop-up restaurants during the fashion weeks across the capitals Milan, Paris, New York and London, Waiters in tuxedos providing silver service with private dining areas, and packaging co-created with the fashion brands that present at Fashion Week — Burberry burgers, Chanel fries on black packaging, Paul Smith Sundaes will be served in private dining rooms, and a fabulous bar as the focal point.’

I personally found this to be very unique and interesting and an idea that would be worth trying out, imagine drinking hot-chocolate out of say Henry Holland designed cups- with a massive letter ‘H’ on it. Its abstractness feeds off the joining of two opposite crowds- fast food and fashion doesn’t necessarily go together- more like sushi and Gareth Pugh as it were. The reaction of it all will be incredibly intriguing and if not for anything but to say ‘I had Chanel fries’! 

Images courtesy of access-agency.net


  1. i agree! quite interesting to try out :D

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  6. That is the coolest idea I have ever seen!

    Too many M&S canapes last fashion week, bring on the big macs!

    Sophie xo