The best way to spend Mondays.

With the wonderful glorious event that is the Royal wedding of Kate and William around the corner, I couldn't help but wonder what the British fashion lot would do to honour this truly romantic tale of a somewhat modern Cinderella story. Then this morning, non-chantly my mother placed my subscription copy of Vogue on my staircase knowing that I would swoon with joy at its arrival. Honestly I can say that it's the best forty something-quid I've ever spent, the joy knowing that every month this beautiful culmination of Britain's stylish best arrives at my door and is accompanied with tea+cake+ fresh roses (in this instance) is truly fab! 

Flicking through I loved how they've managed to capture the romanticism of bridal gowns and such but creating something new by mixing them with a touch of masculinity represented in the various British institutions, from the fire-men to the east-end pearly' s. And Mrs Vodianova's face is truly ethereal but with a sort of 'english rose' effect (despite the fact that she actually is Russian). 
Having spent my last weekend at a wedding and with another coming up in two weeks, I'm truly in the wedding mood.  Now this is how Monday's should be spent. 

Images taken by me.


  1. I love this post, I was so not in wedding mood to be honest but these images that you took are just so lovely and beautiful!

  2. I agree! I like to read magazines)))