New Year, New books.

A glorious happy new year to you all. Now that all the indulgence and sloth of the festive holiday has ended and not forgetting (my heavy-weight) uni deadline, I am now ready to start this new year, and what better fabulous way to start it than with entering the sales. This time round I invested in buying discounted 'coffee table/office library' appropriate books, mainly fashion books. We first start of with' The Fashion book'- a directory so to speak of 500 designers, stylists, photographers and models all in the fashion industry past and present: I've had a quick skim and it looks like a great source book.

'Classy' by Derek Blasberg instantly caught my eye from the beautiful mint pastel cover plus it was under a tenner! I didn't really seem to mind what was in it at first but since it's arrival I've been surprised to find out that it's more than what meets the eye; a great way to find out the little nuances involved of living a classy, stylish lifestyle. 

Then we have, what for me was a genuine need, Luella Bartley's 'Guide to English Style'. This book is so English it's incredible; from it's musty brown old school-textbook feel to it's illustrated pages; a real treat; the modernism is represented by the hot pink elastic bookmark. Love it. 

And last but certainly not least Mr Schuman's blog book 'The Sartorialist', I've wanted to buy this book for over 8 months now(long story on why I haven't), but to finally have it has made the other books on my shelf smile with pride. His super cool job allows him to travel, photograph, meet really well dressed people and just be surrounded by the turbo-high charged fashion atmospheres of cities like New York, London, Milan and Paris and to have it all in a book as well as online is truly satisfying. 
This marks the  continuation of fabulous Sundays;  afternoons curled up with a hot cuppa and a good read! 

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