Emmanuelle Alt for Vogue Paris.

After Roitfield's shock departure/speculated termination from Paris Vogue late December 2010, the blog-sphere has been doing their best to try and guess and figure out who would be next in line for the fabulous position. Not to mention what Roitfeld's next move would be, 'would she set sail on the Tom Ford cruise liner' or 'venture into her 'so-called' personal projects?' but the speculation and wait is over as president of Conde-Nast Xavier Romateta announced that Emmanuelle Alt would be taking over as Editor-in-chief. 
Now I've only recently been following French Vogue and it's team so ashamedly so I've only seen a few editorials by Ms Alt and it seems that her favourite photographer would be David Sims( due to the number of shoots that she's done with him) but her work is really something. I'm sure as time goes by and I read more I'll be able to find a better way to describe her work other than 'truly something'. However I am very excited; as I feel it gives a chance for me to grow with an editor and with a magazine, as the last decade I was merely 10 and only started buying British Vogue when I was 12 (and didn't start really dedicating myself until I was 14), It'll be interesting to see how the direction of the magazine changes and if indeed it does change weather it'll be for the good or the not so good of the magazine, and most of all to see Ms Alt's work at a higher level.

Images courtesy of fashiongonerouge.com, google.com  

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  1. I would def. rock the leather jacket in the last pic