H&M SS11 Preview.

It has to be said that this season more than any other, I'm really excited to see what the high street has to offer for the spring/summer collections. Being blasted back to the 1970s with Marc Jacobs and in a spiral with Roberto Cavalli's macrame dolls; it'll be a treat. In previous posts I mentioned the River Island 'Hero' accessories, but here today we have H&M's latest serving. 

I love the clean cut lines, soft billowy nature of the maxi dresses and the colours are very 60s cool with misty tones of beige, coral, navy and the general feel incorporates 70s design with the printed flared 3/4s.  H&M's head designer  Ann-Sofie Johansson was quoted saying the following ' it’s great to reinvent your wardrobe at the beginning of a new season. Fashion doesn’t change as drastically as it used to so you could easily get last season’s favourites to work with smart updates. Safe buys for spring are cool classics in beige or white, and the longer skirts and dresses feel new and very feminine”, and I agree; H&M always offer up great stylish wearable affordable pieces but certainly don't go overboard with trends.

Images courtesy of frugalfashiondiva.co.uk 

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