A very Camel Affair- Day 3

A very Camel Affair

Take a part of AW10 with you into the new year by entering into a very 'camel affair'. From cashmere scarfs to Chloe Pussy bow blouses a la Raquel Zimmerman, infuse simplistic lines and shapes in classic fabrics and textures like this Uniqlo cardigan. With the use of 'HEATTECH TECHNOLOGY', not only will you beat away the chills but you'll look chic doing it too. You could in fact style this for both day and night, but take the day approach with this beautiful leather satchel, it's basic shape follows the rules of this seasons way to wear camel, plus it's practicality makes it a sure hit, ideal for carrying you ipad and lappy on the go.
Update your wardrobe with the winter wedge, sturdy enough for snowfall but stylish too, keep your feet tucked in with these and a pair of argyle socks.

A very Camel Affair by Purple Tweed featuring wedge heel boots

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