Authentic Eccentricity

For my monthly 'international magazine splurge' I bought the November issue of Paris Vogue. What I love most about French vogue is the fact my knowledge of french isn't so great so I have to work harder at understanding the views and ideas created by the contributors and writers, more so in the editorials and in the features. 

When I bought this issue, I couldn't wait to get home and read it so I endured dim lighting in the car ride home from London to Warwick, and when I begun flicking pages and reached what seemed to be the bulk of the editorials I was not prepared to be blown away and shocked by the erotic boldness within the upcoming pages. My favourite shoot of this issue is the 'Authentique excentrique' captured by Steven Klien and styled/directed by the wonderful Ms Carine Roitfeld featuring Rick Owen's wife and muse Michele Lamy. 

Bold, brash and very expressive, Klien has captured the real essence behind the theme and title 'authentic eccentric', but most of all (to me anyways) he's managed to the show the similarities between man and animal by the way that he's directed each of the models in question to pose. To begin with we see Lamy's indulgent and glutenous nature contrasted with the stillness of Lamy and the model; their postures strong and intrusive to an extent but their eyes and face is focused on the 'intruder'.

 We then see the model's poise and stance like that of a mammal showing off his beauty and strength, whilst Lamy does this in the display of her 'haute joaillerie'-taking the focus away from her face but to her arm and hand which is gracefully adorned with fur and jewels, also the soft lines and texture is shown on Lamy's face and on the exquisitely toned torso and leg of the model. To finish off Lamy and the model show their vulnerability by hiding away but like an animal would do it's back is up again ready to fight- a true showcase of eccentricity. 

Images scanned in from Paris Vogue Nov 2010 issue. 

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