Fashion in TV

Fashion in television today has become something that is almost normal/bog standard. I think its safe to say that it wasn't until maybe ten years ago that fashion as a media subject interest was really televised; it all began with former supermodel Tyra Banks and her show 'America's Next Top Model'. This was sort of the reality backdrop to fashion television shows we now see today.

Airing it's first episode on May 20th 2003, it was a fresh and somewhat real insight into what it takes to be a fashion model, although it was a 'reality show format' it still depicted the cut throat edge of the fashion industry, now in it's 14th season and with all previous series syndicated in 170 countries worldwide not to mention the variations (Australia's and Canada's Top Model) this show has proven to be a big success and has paved the way for other shows like it to follow such as- 'The Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency' and 'Make me Supermodel US'.

The reality modeling shows started out first at the bottom, of what I like to call 'the reality television fashion chain’. Being a model was just a tiny part of the fashion industry (which naturally is always viewed most) and shows like 'Project Runway' showcased the design process of making and putting together a collection whilst 'Running in Heels' gave the public an idea of what being an intern at a top fashion magazine house would be like.

Now there are soooo many TV shows that showcase fashion talent, they may not directly focus on it but fashion plays a big part in it so much so that it has provided business in the most unlikely manor. 'SeenON.com' is a website that tells people where they can purchase items that they've seen on their favourite character on their favourite show. It features shows like 'Gossip Girl, 'The Vampire Diaries' and '90210'.

This is something that I feel will definitely only become bigger and more successful as time passes on simply because fashion has now become more approachable to 'us the public' that it ever has been before making fashion media a growing sector in the fashion industry.

Pictures courtesy of hulu.com, seenon.com, fanpop.com

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