Self Service? Yes please!

Being the good student I am, spent a whole morning in the library-(nodding head) yes ladies and gents a WHOLE morning, it was a productive session-walking past the display shelf my eye was caught by this magazine known as Self-Service magazine.

After flicking through the first couple pages- I wasn't really surprised but I was incredibly intrigued at how much fashion advertisement there was in the first 20 or 30 pages- the contents and contributors page was literally halfway through the magazine! But then I got to the editorial section and was bawled over by the beauty of the photography and the styling, clothes etc how it all came into play was absolutely delectable!

Taking time to research about the magazine, I found out that it's bi-annual- so there's only two issues a year spring/summer and autumn/winter and for only £18 ($20) it's a sure fire good investment. With the huge amount of editorial photography/styled shoots etc no wonder there's only two issues a year-imagine how long it would be to do those kind of shoots to that high level/standard and make it a monthly issue would be painstakingly expensive and long!

All in all a great find! I love it because it's like 'Purple' meets 'Vogue' says hello to 'Dazed and Confused' and has one massive big editorial family! Will definitely be on my list of things to buy from R.D Franks.

Pictures courtesy of flickr.com

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