BBC; Material Girl.

'BBC Drama announces Material Girl, a romantic comedy about a young fashion designer battling an evil ex-boss, a sexy but devilish business partner and snobby fashionistas to get her break in work and love. Set in the bustling, creative hot-bed of Brick Lane, Lenora Crichlow is Ali Redcliffe who sets out to make a name for herself as a fashion designer, in the only way she knows how, through sheer hard work and talent.

Dervla Kirwan is Davina Bailey, the scheming designer of the moment, who isn't about to give up her crown as queen of fashion and the designer every hot star wants to be dressed by. Alongside Ali is Marco, played by Michael Landes, the mercurial and brilliant business partner who wants to make Ali a star.

At the heart of the show is Ali, impetuous, feisty, neurotic, a total mess in her personal life but extraordinarily talented in her professional life as a fashion designer – mid-twenties, single, fiercely loyal to her tightly knit group of friends, Alex, Mimi and Lydia.

It is these friendships and relationships, the ups and downs, solidarity, extraordinary chemistry and their entwined destinies that are the fabric of Material Girl.

Ben Stephenson says: "Material Girl is a fun saga of a girl trying to make it in a competitive professional and personal world, with all the zest of a Hollywood romantic comedy.

Material Girl is inspired by Fashion Babylon, written by Imogen Edwards-Jones.'

I love this show simply because it's all about fashion but it has a story to it however I find the acting and the script a bit weak but it's a guilty pleasure!!

courtesy of bbc.oom

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