Garment Tech

In the last four weeks of last term, we were introduced to do a Garment Technologist course package. I was really excited for this project because it was something else to learn which could possibly then progress into a job opportunity.

I didn't know what to expect and was intrigued in what exactly a garment technologist does and my tutors had informed me it was a good way to bridge my knowledge of pattern cutting and still study the promotion side of the course.
The first lecture was okay, I managed to gather the basic responsibilities of a a garment tech, they are basically responsible for the fit of a garment.

For example a company like 'Topshop' will have a certain cut/pattern for their customer-( hence why in some stores you might be a size 12 and in other stores you might be a size 10- it all depends on the company) and this 'fit' is controlled by the garment technologist.
For every garment designed and put into production they will fit it on either on their 'in-house' model or on a model that measures up with their customer profile. In this 'fit session' the following people will be present; the head buyer of that garments department, garment technologist, designer and of course the model.
In this session they will look at the garment the model is wearing, question it on how it looks, how it fits, weather or not it drapes and hangs well, and see if any changes need to be made, the garment technologist will keep note of all things discussed and will label and photograph all changes that need to made- these notes made will be sent back to the supplier who will work with their garment technologist to complete these changes. Over the weeks we also learned how to measure garments (on the flat) in the correct way, this is done to help retain consistency with measuring so when changes are made it removes confusion and error.

I really learned a-lot from this project and I commend the tutors for doing it and for keeping it both open to designers and promoters- it is really useful as a buyer to know the basics of what your colleagues around you do because it will make it easier for you liaise with them.
I'm glad I participated because, in my 'career swot analysis' I have created myself an opportunity to further myself and to make me stand out from the crowd of fashion graduates just like me.

Traces Brief Garment Tech Fit notes.

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