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'Wedding Outfits' 1938 Norman Parkinson (Left)

'Wenda in Hyde Park' 1951 Norman Parkinson

Recently I had the great opportunity to travel with my uni to go and see fashion photographer Nick Knight's exhibition at Somerset House in London. This was the first interactive exhibition I had ever been to before and I was unsure what to expect.

When we walked in a huge white statue of the famous supermodel Naomi Campbell greeted us. It was dark and all around you could see bright colour’s flashing across this statue only to look down and see a touch screen whereby you could draw various things and it would be projected onto this huge statue.

As we moved further up into the main part of the exhibition, I was instantly blown away as to how (technically) small the actual exhibition was, it was very simplistic yet through, text was displayed on white boards with vibrant pink font and garments on mannequins were hung from the ceiling allowing them to spin slowly so you could see it from all angles.

Everything around you screamed out-‘LOOK-READ ME!!’- I found this very engaging and think that the layout and simplicity of this showcase helped create that engaging atmosphere. The various mediums of media used included photography, video, sound and digital media.

My favorite part of the display was the video dinner table- this was a dinner party of 12 celebrities who were secretly being filmed whilst eating at the worlds number one restaurant owned by Heston Blumenthal ‘The Fat Duck’ and each plate was shown via video so all you could see was the people’s hands plate of food and cutlery-essential you could say all it was, was a table with a white table cloth on it.

My other favorite part of the exhibition was the live photoshoot. After seeing him live I was hooked on his website watching him live- the one I loved the most was seeing Naomi Campbell do her thing-she’s sooo beautiful.

The other part of the day we spent it going to see fashion photographer Norman Parkinson’s exhibition- he is personally one of my favorite photographers-his work his timeless and classic and that’s what I love about it.

Before returning back to Bournemouth a few friends and I managed to glance and lust over the Harrods Christmas window displays-as always they were inspiring, beautiful and magical-they really made you felt like you were Dorothy on the yellow brick world adoring the fantastical world of Oz.

Overall I really enjoyed the trip it was a really refreshing difference to normal exhibitions- I liked the different use of creative medias that he used to express his point and display his work.

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