New Year New Term

New Year, New Term

Screenshot of Lectra

Lectra Modaris 3D Fit

My house during the snowing months

Winter wonderland

I cant believe that I’m no in my second term of my first year- time is literally flying by, had a good Christmas…lots of people round, lots of food lots of fun was a good holiday.

Starting a new unit at uni doing using the Lectra Pattern System, which is, computerized pattern cutting, created and designed by two French engineers in the early 1970s. So far I’ve really enjoyed this system as it’s quite straightforward to use and quite easy to use once you get the hang of it, I also think my knowledge of flat pattern cutting has helped me a lot, I can look at the system and know which part is next weather it be moving or closing a dart to mirroring the pattern. This has made me open what I like to call my skills book (a chance for me to do a SWOT analysis of all my skills and things I like doing) I really enjoy pattern cutting and this now includes the Lectra pattern system and could see myself in a career that involves Lectra Pattern cutting.

We had a representative from Lectra come and give us a presentation on what the program can do and she showed us a tutorial video of the fabric print making system called Kaledo which I found really exciting, it showed how you can make your own fabric print from scratch i.e. tartans or cotton prints.

In this unit we have to make a jersey t-shirt pattern on Lectra as well as learn a few basics like dart manipulation and paneling.


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