Jersey Girl

Jersey is a great fabric, you can do almost anything with it, it’s cheap and comes in various qualities and ribs and nearly every single high street store has at least one or more garments made out of it or a jersey mix as its very versatile and its relatively easy to make with, depending on the rib it can only be sewn together using the over-locker or the Kansai machine, having been instructed not to jersey doesn’t sew well on the flat bed machine.
Running alongside our Lectra unit we also have the jersey workshop, were we learn to use and handle jersey as it requires awareness as the fabric naturally moves and curls up at the selvedge end and it’s important to always be aware of the straight grain (depending on if you want to work on the bias).
Having learnt to work with jersey I can say that I am somewhat confident to work with it again and to maybe work more with it to build my portfolio.

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