London Town

London Town

Oxford Steet

Outside Armani, Oxford Street
Chrismas Decorations, Oxford Street

Carnaby Street

Outside Cloth House Fabric Shop, Berwick Street
London Town
On this day we visited the fabulous London Town, this was a fabric sourcing opportunity to create an FdA Fabric Bible (if you like). We trawled the area of Westminster, walking through streets in the Oxford Circus area, visiting shops such as Soho Silks and Borovicks another major area for fabric was Shepherds Bush, but due to time running out we didn’t get a chance to go there. We were split into groups to look for different types of fabrics from soft fabrics to plastic like fabrics.
I really enjoyed this trip as I love London and more so fabric shopping, we experienced many stores behaved in a particular manor to students and people who wanted swatches (for free) at first I thought they were being rude but it dawned on me that millions of students go to London for fabric and so they don’t want to have to be giving away their profits… we managed to get quite a lot of swatches of organza, printed cotton and felt.  In all the running around we managed to stop for a bite to eat, nice little pub opposite the Cloth House on Berwick Street- great food, good company +London = good day out!!!

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