Damien Hirst and Shaker

As part of our Creative Design Promotion project we were to research the shaker movement. The shakers were a religious group that started out in England and moved on to have a large following in the United States of America, they were similar to the Quakers, they believed in working hard and using your hands to provide you with your living and this is how the shaker design philosophy came about ,which was ‘Don’t make something unless its both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful don’t hesitate to make it beautiful’ and through this research we were to create our own design philosophy and link it to our design ideas.  Through researching this project I stumbled upon the work of young British artist Damien Hirst, his most poignant piece for me was his diamond encrusted human skull titled ‘For the love of god’.
This particular piece was quite interesting to me as it was a piece of art that completely contradicted with the shaker design philosophy yet it was also very beautiful.
Damien Hirst is part of the ‘Young British Artists’ movement, which celebrates young artists, which include Fiona Rae and Gary Hume.
From this project I designed a range of lingerie garments with my philosophy of ‘Just because it’s covered doesn’t mean it cant be pretty’ I felt that my designs really emphasized my philosophy as they were simple, delicate and very elegant.

(L-R- 'Virgin Mother' Damien Hirst, Shaker style furniture, 'For the love of God' Damien Hirst, Shaker Furniture, 'Virgin Mother' Damien Hirst)

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