From Eco-Chic to Couture Its all Relevant

A few How to Eco- Chic books

PPRD Debate

This session I think was the most enjoyable PPRD session to date as only 10 out of 24 students showed up. We were meant to be having a debate on two big subjects Ethical Fashion and Couture and the need for it. At first we were all nervous to start as our original group members weren’t there meaning our argument was not to be as strong but Sarah encouraged us to continue so in the end I was a judge alongside Johanna and the debate begun.

These are the outcomes of the debate.

For Couture

· Talent and imagination

· Skills- no slave labor involved

· Important part of economy luxury consumers and increasing

· Surpasses the range that high street is limited to because of cost

· Great deal of creativity shown

Against Couture

· Superficial and false

· Profits could help up and coming designers

· There’s no connection between Couture and high Street

· Nature of wastefulness on couture due to the amount of money used

· Only a few Couture houses left.

For Ethical Trading

· Workers treated fairly and safely

· No use of chemicals in clothing

· Against child labor

Against Ethical Trading

· Eco is contradicting

· Not cost effective

· 50% don’t care and 45% sit on the fence and the other 5% consider Ethical trading.

Even though there were only a few of us, I really enjoyed this session as we were able to discuss a topic thoroughly and look at all the aspects involved and how it affects us now and in the future this taught me it’s very important to be on the ball with current affairs as certain things will affect Creative Professionals if not now then sometime in the near future from politics to money its all relevant.

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