Creative Design and Promotion

Creative Design and Promotion

Having received my timetable I feel now that uni has actually started! the world of research, design, make and deadlines starts here! Its Monday morning and believe it or not I am actually excited to go to uni ( something that amongst students is very rare) my first lecture is CDP otherwise known as Creative Design and Promotion- which is basically the beginning process of designing and putting a range/collection together. I really liked this class because I loved the research aspect of it, whether its gathering images or taking trips to museums or just walking down the street I really liked it, what was new for me was the pace at which designers in the industry work, they only have a few days or some even hours to decide a theme and direction for their collection i.e romantic theme influenced by florals, flowers and Paris.

In all the projects from this brief that I liked the most this was the 'Organics' brief, as I expanded my sources of research by using the library, this was a great help and so was our librarian course leader for fda fashion Antonia Leek- she showed me how to research for a particular book or dvd by using the library catalogue which helped me find the magazine 'Bloom' which was a major inspiration behind my organics brief, the images were beautiful and unique.

Part of the brief was to learn how to drape fabric on a mannequin and to use fabric manipulation to interpret our found research. This part was great for me as I just experimented with my fabric choice of a nude chiffon that just falls and drapes magnificently, creating the exact image I wanted to create which was chic, understated and classy.
Having skills in textiles helped me in this area as I was able to investigate more into fabric manipulation by using elastic shirring which is a technique used on a domestic machine and using the 'free machine' mode which disables the feed dog on the machine to move meaning you now have the ability to direct the fabric you are sewing, by sewing round and round once removing the fabric from the embroidery hoop the fabric just gathers beautifully and looks like a flower.

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