Bubble Wrap Dress

Left to right- Jasper, Scott, Amy, Sarah, Nancy, Myself, Natasha
Fashion catwalk

Since starting at AIB, the induction week was really good and enjoyable,I liked being able to meet new people and to get to know my fellow peers a bit more. 
The first bit of work related to fashion really was on the last day of the induction week, where we had to make a garment from things we had found orienteering around Bournemouth town. In my group was Jasper, Nancy, Natasha, Scott,Sarah and Amy. 

I think on the whole everyone was excited but also nervous, having had experience of making garments before I was intrigued as to how this was going to come together as many of us had little or no skills and when they told us we were not to use sewing machines but to hand sew I got even more nervous. 
It was getting to crunch time now and we were all anxious to know and see what we were going to make our 'dresses' from, many of us were conspiring together having noticed a lot of bubble wrap stuffed under one of the tables in the studio and with the rest of the studio being tidy it seemed rather random that it was all there. Alas I found out my conspiracy theory of making our garments out of bubble wrap was true, and let me just say it's amazing what a group of creative thinkers can throw together with bubble wrap, sellotape ribbon and rock from the tourist sweet shop.

Video of our mini fashion catwalk.

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