My first impressions of AIB were quite good ones- I remembered what the uni was about and the way it looked when i came for my interview. I like its compactness and how everything you need is in reach from the university whether it be getting cash or having a full english. I also enjoy the access we have as students to use the resources available at Bournemouth University.

I find that some things are the way they are weather i like it or not for example- the studio space is not enough for students to work effectively but that also transcends to the working environment in the industry, some offices and headquarters are large and others not so.

Sometimes i also find the timetable confusing and it can be quite frustrating when you don't know when you are supposed to be in and in what room.
Overall i would say that this course so far has already taken me out of my comfort zone which i feel is slightly necessary for my academic growth here at AIB.

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