Fashions Lovechild.

As much as we try to ignore it and try and stick to what we know. The Fashion Industry and the Internet are so intertwined that its now viewed as being 'stylishly ignorant' to remain behind and not move forward with the times, and how is this made true? Well both business and consumers have made this true. The supply to demand rate is increasing daily as business that trade online respond to feeding the consumer habit of shopping online. 
We are all to blame really. With this being the case it's only natural that HTML coders would build socially interactive sites with bloggers, fashion lovers and shopping addicts being the core users of these new sites, with hopes of them becoming the fashion equivalent of Twitter or Facebook. 

I for one used to stay in the dark, purely because I didn't want to become a social site addict and be on every new thing, but I love it when I find sites I love and help to make my research and inspirational process that much easier. 

Introducing fffflash.com. Like Pintrest, it works on a 'pin' basis, however it also allows you to shop items that you or others have both liked or 'pinned'.
The reason why I love it is because it has opened me up to a whole bunch of underground/new and upcoming designers that I probably otherwise would not have discovered on sites like style.com, and unlike Pintrest, its specifically fashion only.
I stumbled upon it by accident on google. Good old google! 

AW13 Cut and Paste Job by Purple Tweed
Images from style.com
Vivienne Westwood Red Label AW13
Vivienne Westwood AW13
Tom Ford AW13 

The signing up process is what also made me smile too. Turns out that according to my sartorial DNA, I am a fashion lovechild of fashion designers Vivienne Westwood and Tom Ford, talk about fabulous or what! Up above is my fashion DNA analysis, so this post has been inspired by my fashion parents. I've digitally crafted what I would wear/or how I would dress according to the latest AW13 collections using my DNA analysis and style chromosome as a guideline.
Elegant, formal, couture, pop, edgy, rock chic, girly, minimalistic.

What do you think of my Fashion DNA based wardrobe???
And Who are your fashion parents on FFFFlash.com???

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  1. I love how this fashion dna is broken down. Puts some of my learned bio into practice.

    Your previous posts say it all!

    Visit and follow my blog-sphere if you wish to keep in touch, as i'd also do the same :)


  2. Hello lovely, it was great to meet you at the salon last week!

    Really interesting POV on the interdependent relationship between the fashion world and digital. Sounds like there are some great opportunities for aspiring bloggers like myself. Check out my blog:


  3. Aww was lovely to meet u too Hun! Love the outfit posts on ur blog, that sari is super lush! X