After seven sunny days in April.

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Winter in this beautiful country of ours (England) has been rather draining emotionally and sartorially. Not being able to see the sun and waking up to complete darkness these past months have taken it’s toll on poor old me.
 Snow, rain, hail, sleet you name it, we’ve had it. And yes I know that winter is not supposed to be enjoyable per say but I think that of all the seasons Autumn Winter is my favourite fashion wise. Designers go to great imaginative lengths to make each a/w different from the last, and do their absolute hardest to not fall for the ‘cliché’ winter looks and colours that we all know.  This being said, it’s not been easy to dress up and have fun in the mornings when major practicalities have to come into view. My nice black patent Chelsea boots aren’t going to keep my feet firmly on the ground when I’m slipping and sliding all over the ice now are they? But hooray!!! Spring is officially here. Although many of the spring lines hit many of the High Street brands in January, it’s only now that wearing such clothing is appropriate as the temperatures have been hitting 18, and my oh my is England soo beautiful in the spring!

I know the colour palette is very summery, but sometimes our spring here is also our summer rolled into one! So one has to make the most of it. I am totally loving the oriental kimono from Topshop; that paired with the fringe midi dress, wild green wedges and cat-eye shades and I’m ready for tea and cake on a roof top garden in Knightsbridge. #SoSpringRightNow
Images from topshop.com ,asos.com, riverisland.com, zara.com,google.com, otherstories.com 


  1. Those sunglasses are so you Melissa!

  2. So many wonderful picks! I adore that kimono :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  3. If I had the money I would most likely buy all these.