Beauty Box Review: Part 1 Cosmetics.

Crown brushes, Black Up Palette, MAC concealer and blot powder, Seventeen 'Doll'd Up' Mascara, GOSH cosmetics Velvet Touch lipstick in 'romantic', and me with all my new products :-) 

Knowledge is power! This particular saying and biblical reference is often used in academic or political conversations, but at the end of the day Knowledge- whatever it is that you have learnt or already know is power to the individual that acknowledges this fact. With that said, I present to you my first Beauty box review focusing on cosmetics.
 So my approach to make-up is that it’s there to enhance ones natural beauty, it’s also part of the frivolities of life that can aid to transform ones emotional state, for example-when I’m having a crappy day, a brand new lipstick helps to put the smile back on my face (literally) :-)
My look goes according to my mood and also whatever time I get out of bed hehe. I have combination skin so it’s important that I capture/highlight the features of my face accordingly so a ‘caked’ look is not my thing.
I will be reviewing the Black Up Cosmetics Colour Corrector palette £23. I first heard about the palette after watching make-up artist Chanel Boateng discuss their product range, and even though my foundation was MAC it just turned out that through a range of circumstances (not having enough time to sit in the chair at Selfridges) that I ended up purchasing this palette, and I am in LOVE. The best thing about this product is it’s versatility- I use it as an eye-shadow primer, concealer, corrector and highlighter too. Very long lasting and not cakey at all, good with either fingers or brushes and finally the range of shades in all the palettes are great and easy to mix to suit you. 8/10

The Seventeen ‘doll’d up’ mascara was practically given to me for being a Boots Advantage cardholder. They sent me a coupon saying that I could purchase the product for only £2. It’s a good mascara-nothing too fantastic about it, non-clumping- I’d say a great ‘everyday’ mascara for natural lashes. Seventeen is not a drugstore brand I normally shop from, and for the full price I’d certainly not purchase this, but they do have some nice products. 5/10.

As mentioned in the past, I am a lover of threading my eyebrows. I can withstand the pain as I thoroughly enjoy the results, my brows grow better and the shape is easier to maintain, however I am not always able to get to the hairs as well as my eyebrow woman does, so sometimes I just have to let them grow and appear :-/ So I have been on the lookout for a good thick creamy concealer to use on my brow-bone in order to hide away stray hairs. Seeing a few you-tubers doing the same I was then introduced to the concealer pot from MAC. In NW45 £14, it’s a good consistency and easy to apply with the right brush and sets well with or without powder. It’s ideal because it’s in a shade lighter than my MAC foundation so as it also conceals it’s shade acts as a natural highlight which I can then blend for preference. 9/10

My make-up on a whole has massively improved and generally looks much better through the choice of purchasing good quality tools like the brushes from Crown as mentioned in my spring clean.
The 15 piece 517 Luna £49 set is great for advanced make-up users because the different kind of brushes in the kit allow you to experiment more and get better results with great precision especially for things like blending eye-shadows and highlighting and contouring the face. My personal experience with the brushes have been great- I love the way they feel on my skin; super soft, easy to clean; bit of shampoo and conditioner and your good to go, and also retain their shape/texture after being cleaned, as a lot of other brushes tend to shed or become brittle. This kit has encouraged me to try new looks by trying different techniques and has made my ‘daily make-up routine’ much more efficient and tidy.This particular kit has too many brushes for a beginner and may confuse you, but it’s still great to have in order to learn and work your way up, they have great ranges available for all kinds of levels from beginner to professional. 
The ordering process and delivery from crown was really easy and quick and I will definitely be ordering from them again. 9/10

Part 2 will be a review on my recent skincare products I have purchased.
What are you loving beauty wise?

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