Pick me ups, fringes and a whole lot of Miguel.

They say that when life throws you lemons that you should make lemonade, and as tasty and fun as that sounds-I prefer to buy shoes to put the smile back on my face. These beauties above are the most recent pairs that I have purchased-and for a total of £36 for both pairs, I'd say that not only is it more fun but it's been an economical way of brightening up my week.
As well as those shoesies, I also ventured into the unknown of dying my hair brown with a fringe-am totally loving it, this is me sporting my new style to the Miguel gig in London over the weekend.

Now if you didn't know, I am a HUGE fan, appreciator, supporter and just general lover of MIGUEL's music!!! This gig was my second of his, and as usual I wasn't disappointed. If anything my love and respect of his craft has grown and I truly do hope he wins his 2013 Grammy Nomination.  The show was packed and it takes alot for me to stand in the cold with no gloves, socks or scarf for a gig (I left in a major rush-hence the lack of appropriate winter wear) but after a shitty week I was so very happy to enjoy a fabulously fun weekend. 

And as my working week begins again, I do hope you all had a fantastic weekend and wish you a fab week!! I shall leave you with what is coincidentally playing on my ipod as I write this post!!

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