AW11 Fav show 1: Alexander Wang

With the glorious snow pelting down outside I thought what better way to cheer myself up than to update you with my favourite shows from the AW11 season. With retail stores almost selling out on their spring looks (crazy I know right!)  the weather is reminding us what frame of minds we really should be in, and no-one did that better than Alexander Wang.

'I hope it's the kind of luxury she can still roll around in on the floor

A beautiful hybrid of outerwear and practical elements came into play with this collection; knitted jumpers in shimmery shades-ombre'd into silk hems creating a day to night look and dramatic poncho's with fur collars and cuffs mixed with bomber style jackets to create a look for a woman who had places to go. 
The success of this collection lied in the editing. The colour story and use of texture through combining fabrics such as wool and silk/leather and nylon helped round off Wang's vision of creating a line which was incredibly versatile and pretty but brought a new edge with its practicality and difference. Even with sheer panels and floaty hems-it would be easy to forget that Wang's woman is all grungy hard edge with bucket-loads of cool and a slick of eyeliner to boot, but the juxtaposition of this was referenced in the combination of textures and styles.  With rich metallic and silvery hues, you could feel the midnight darkness in his skinny glitter effect trouser or feel well wrapped up and chic in his-what I like to call 'BON-CHO' (bomber and poncho mixed together). 
Definitely a collection I would like to rock into the day or night!

Who rocked your AW11 world this season,show wise?



  1. Thank you !
    I love alexander wang, one day I'll marry in one of his dresses, haha !

    1. that would be a very fashion forward wedding!


  2. great post and pics!! I really liked the Prada show for this season!!
    thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog! do you want to follow each other??

  3. I have SUCH a crush on Alexander Wang's designs.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. Your not the only one! Thanks for your comment!