Art Dealer Chic.

I have four words for this artist/song/video; I. AM. IN. LOVE
I have posted about Miguel before, but I can't stop enjoying what he does and he does it in such a humble and sweet way; he does what very few musicians (and creative individuals) do; he lets his art do the talking. 
I think of him as a modern day Prince but in a very underrated way, as he is still on his way. The  'Adorn' single taken from his upcoming EP release entitled 'Art Dealer Chic', is a beautiful song not just lyrically but musically as well and Miguel's 'oohs' and 'ahh's add soul and depth that sends chills down ones spine. But out of it all what I love is the visual that he has produced to represent the upcoming release.

'The visual for “Adorn” is the projection of a dream I recently had. I wanted to use simple creative elements in a symbolic way to communicate the intense desire to understand its meaning.' singersroom.com 

Total polar opposites of each other; the simplicity in the layout of the video, the lighting, style of filming, the shots chosen in close up emphasise on the sensuality and passion behind the lyrics and the emotion at which this song is evoking, and yet the title of the song is 'Adorn'; 'to enhance the appearance of especially with beautiful objects' 
That's beautifully deep- for someone to dress you with the love they have for you....c'est perfect for le St Valentines day!!!!

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