What a man should smell like...


The fragrance industry is a multi-billion pound/dollar industry, fashion houses across the world are vying for the best perfumers to make their luxury brand a part of our senses. A perfume from a designer company is the simplest and cheapest way to be part of the luxury behind the brand, your chance to live like the Gucci customer even if it’s for a few whiffs a day-no matter your walk of life; it wouldn’t be hard to believe then, that 80% of sales (for most houses) is made up from accessories and fragrances alone.

It is true that the advertising campaigns of most perfumes focus their products towards women-making it easy for us to fall in love with fragrances and change them constantly, but when it boils down to it, it's important for men to know what they should be looking for. For centuries the French were known for their pastries, romantic affairs and wine but it was their perfumes that were and are indeed world class- from Guerlain to Dior.

I personally find it a complete turn off when a man is drenched in a heavy smell (good or bad) as it doesn’t allow for them to own the scent; instead their just branded as someone who wears Brut or D&G instead I long for a scent to fill my nostrils and for me to always associate that man with that scent rather than for me to instantly know it’s branded name, I should have to actually ask or raid their bathroom cabinet to find out, a hint of mystery is important when it comes to fragrance for men.

A man should smell like he’s knowledgeable, intriguing, mysterious, strong, alluring rich and humble, the relationship that we as women have with our noses is an important factor when it comes to choosing our relationships with the opposite sex.  To sum it up, a man should smell like he knows who he is.   


  1. I'm duly challenged. You've thrown down the gauntlet!

  2. Very good choice !!! I know and love that perfume too :)

    Great blog ! and thanks for the comment :)


  3. All gentlemen need to know that the effect of a fragrance works better in smaller doses! Allow people to come into your space in order for them to really enjoy your scent! :)