All Vogue and no power.

The original cake before all my family decapitated it.

My weekend started off with a sombre mood- an area powercut meant no tv, internet, or KETTLE to make tea. But the night before Friday I spent the day cheekily watching Transforms 3D and blowing out candles with my mom celebrating her birthday and my sister Master baker and cake extraordinaire baked this beauty for my Mom;a white chocolate and coconut cake with chocolate dipped strawberries. TOTALLY LUSH. Luckily we got the leftovers and it made my day as I spent it reading all my Vogues till the power came back 3 hours later but only for the internet to crash!  


  1. Happy belated! The cake looks delish! It resembles the cake I had last year, except mine was chocolate with strawberries. I hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks for commenting on our blog . This cake looks so yummeee, very jealous! X