Royal Wedding Celebrations

It all started with five star service at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London, beautiful cappachino and the glorious sights of the station. The hotels ambience is just so lovely, it's hard to believe there are a million people passing by you on the underground.  
Onto the underground, not before passing through Europe's longest champagne bar, Searcys.
Arrived at Hyde park just as the ceremony had begun; William looked ever so dapper and I just fell in love with Kate's dress; she is such an English Rose. We started off being the people in the back, then soon before we knew it we were somewhere in the middle- glad my camera was able to zoom in and actually capture the screens.

I call this one 'style in the park', people of London really have great unique style.
After the ceremony procession, we made our way to get a bite to eat at an American burger joint on Gloucester road called Byrons; their Oreo milkshake is to die for. After this a little bit of light shopping in Covent garden made me a royal in my own right when I picked up this beauty of a ring. This is the actual replica that sits in the museum part of Buckingham Palace. Now all that needs to happen is Harry needs to give me a call.

From there we walked to London Bridge and enjoyed a bit of swing dancing at the Royal Festival Hall on the south-bank. This followed by ice-creams and alot of happy snaps at the bridge. 

Artwork and rides at the Royal Festival Hall. 

Thought I'd get myself snapped at a few of London's iconic sites. 

I don't consider this to be a style blog but I couldn't give up on the opportunity to have myself pictured at London Bridge whilst the road was closed. It was amazing; people started blasting music out and Beyonce's single ladies came on and we all got down!!!!

This is when my camera battery died after taking well over 1,000 pictures, so this one was captured on my blackberry. Drawing to the end of the night which was followed by a train ride home accompanied with Twining's Earl grey and a pan au chocolat-divine.  I had one of the best days- which I won't be forgetting anytime soon, all the crazy pictures will be great to look back on one day as surge of laughter will follow. I shan't ramble on about how fabulous Kate and William both looked there have been to many people giving their opinions but I shall say this; I wish them every happiness!!!!

Image copyrights Samasuwo and Joseph.


  1. Hi! What lovely photos of London and you. When Harry calls, make sure you give him my # too.

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  4. Awwwww!!! I felt like I was right there with you all, reading and seeing the pics. Great day! xxx

  5. P.S. It's true, London style is so unique. Viva Londres!

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  7. Cute hair piece! Did you make it yourself?