At Last.

I'm very surprised; usually it's stores like Marks and Sparks who splash out on the cash on big production adverts, but for me Sainsburys have blown them all out the water with this tres simple yet chic display of pieces from their spring/summer line. The locations, lighting and music have really set the tone of a 'hot summer' which I hope is on the way.  Bravo Sainsburys TU!


  1. thank you for the comment on my blog.
    the primer was £6.

    wow never seen a Sainsbury clothes ad before, love the striped maxi and white dress..

    loving your blog, now following :)

    x x

  2. Thank you Melissa for stopping by my blog!
    Also I love the Sleek produkt!
    1400 HUF Hungarian Forint.
    Can be ordered here / http://www.makeuplaza.com /