Versatile Blogger Award.

Fellow blogger Gina at Hideandchic2011 has nominated me for the 'Versatile Blogger' award, and as the rules go I have listed 7 other bloggers who I feel deserve to also win this same award and have also listed 7 facts about moi!
I haven't quite reached Mariah Carey's shoe status. 
Not this vintage but vintage enough. 
Summer summer time at Goa Beach. 
  • I'm a shoe-aholic- I love buying and customising them.
  • I own a vintage collection of Barbie Dolls
  • I hate ugly shoes- a waste of creative space
  • An accessories fiend- as a stylist it's natural that one will have so many things. 
  • Would love to open my own hair salon one day
  • Summer is my favourite season
  • and I would love to travel to India and perhaps do a shoot in Goa. 
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  1. Love vintage barbie dolls. Cute blog, I'm following :)


  2. thank you soo much :-) I want and dream of Mariah's shoe closet and Kimora all those shoes sigh...I hate ugly shoes to, I feel like they are a waste of actual good shoes lol!