Vogue Fashion School? Yes please!

News of a fashion school by publishing giant Conde Nast is circling. With magazines like GQ, Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair and W, fashion is defiantly something that they know a thing or two about, not to mention that at least everyone in fashion vies to have an internship let alone work for Vogue with editors like Alexandra Shulman, Emmanuelle Alt and Anna Wintour at the helm. Being a fashion student myself in my final year got me thinking, who would be the tutorial staff ? 
Conde Nast's connections and contacts have the ability to catapult your talent and career into the fashion atmosphere (if your good enough), so imagine if I paid them the 3.2 something grand I'm paying to my current uni ( their good but I'm in that 'I want a refund' mode)!

Imagine waking up to design lectures with Tom Ford, Starbucks break just before a much needed business plan writing class with Marc Jacob's business partner Robert Duffy, then onto historical dress-up styling with Carine and Edward! LUSH or what, I tell you- there wouldn't be such a thing as 'typical student' behaviour- when every day is a super awe-inspiring fashion day it'd be a waste of your time, money and just be plain damn rude ! Money spent on cheap clothes, tat and take-away would be wisely saved for end of year collections and dinners with fashion royalty with bottles of Rose- and raising money or awareness for exhibitions, shows and the like would be financed for at the drop of a hat, not only that but Berwick Street would have a special 'FABRIC DISCOUNT CARD'- like an NUS and NECTAR card together!!!!! 
Instead of email subject headings reading ' 2 shots for the price of 1' our inboxes would be filled with gallery openings, label launches, book signings and  good seats to all shows at London Fashion Week!! 

So this is 'my Vogue School dream team' : 

Hamish Bowles: Principal- so English, so reserved and super stylish- plus he works under Anna, so you know he's rich pickings. 

Andre Leon Talley: Deputy Principal : Just imagine his signature at the bottom of your acceptance letter- something you'd frame, he knows what he's talking about and 1 part team Vogue USA- what's not to love, plus he's hilarious!

Robert Duffy:  Business Director: You need someone in the limelight enough but very good with money, any show expenses he'll sort you out with knowing how to write a bangin' business plan. 

Marc Jacobs, Lee McQueen, Tom Ford = the three design musketeers, with McQueen teaching you how to cut like those on the Row, and Tom's great understanding for the female form and Marc's ability to translate a vision to the world over- you just can't go wrong. 

Luella Bartley, Steven Meisel and Alexandra Shulman bringing things together on the editorial copy side of things- photography, editing and fashion feature writing is a walk in the park.

Carine Roitfield, Edward Enninful and Kate Phelan will tell you all the tricks of the trade for styling and trend forecasting; bringing a vision together and translating it to an audience is what they do with their eyes closed!

And last but certainly not least; Ms Cutrone will teach you how to have a little cry outside when clients don't pay you for promoting their lines and Natalie Massenet's skills will have you wishing and praying you could turn back the hands of time-so that you were the founder of the genius idea that is Net-a-porter.com 

As much as it sounds like a dream, with Conde Nast's money- it could well possibly be a reality, I'm sure this is a college that fit's into Cameron's idea of raised fees- 12grand to study here would probably be for a bloody short course!!!!! LOL But just imagine- the fashion world would be a better place, and if your wondering why certain names like Grace Coddington, Anna Wintour and Anna Della Russo didn't make the list- well simply because you still need fabulous people to work for, rather Ms Wintour your boss than the women who decides weather you pass or fail after spending 20 grand a year!!!! 

Who would your Vogue school dream team be? I'd love to hear from you !!!! xx

Images courtesy of vogue.com, zimbio.com, style.com, google.com,nitrolicious.com 

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