Don't Rock the boat.

Is it too early for me to start imagining wearing Dolce's Venetian lace coupled with Chloe's free flowing skirts and dresses in bleach white, whilst parading on the beach from the video above? 
I think the last two days of un-interrupted cloud free sunshine has got me in a holiday mood and got me re-loving Aaliyah's classic 'rock the boat' video. 
I love love this video- it's hard to believe that it's 11 years old- yet it's so fresh, I think the simplistic approach to the styling, lack of visual/digital technology and location all help make it look ever so timeless.  Whenever I hear this song I just imagine beaches, blue water, white sands it just fits so perfectly. My favourite scene is the performance on the yacht- the unison of the moves, sexy legs in all tones and shades against the white boat and blue sea makes it sooo beautiful, and stylish- and so far I haven't seen anyone who makes underwater swimming with eyes open look so angelic as Aaliyah does. The chic colour palette, divine beach and  of course the song (serious tuneages!) make this video a hit- plus  it could easily contend with some of today's stuff! 

Images courtesy of style.com
Video courtesy of youtube.com 

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