The rise of the fashion blogger.

She has a very 'Rachael Zoe' esque look about her, I think it's her face.

The tailoring here is so on point! 

H&M does minimal chic very well. 

This is my favourite look, the dress is just so exquisite. 

I happened to stumble across this information and thought this is something that entertainment/fashion related channels like 'The Style Network, Fashion TV' and maybe possibly 'The E! True Hollywood Story' along with the ‘History Channel’ should cover. In the last decade the awareness of the Fashion industry from trends, shows, and new designer collections has soared and this is thanks to the use of our very good friend, Mr. W3x aka the World Wide Web. The Internet has brought us closer to a world that used to seem un-tangible and out of reach, Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazzar and Tatler would portray this fantastical, mystery editorial world of fashion where money was an object of desire in the form of ostrich leather shoes and hound’s-tooth jackets adorned with many-a-carrot necklaces drizzling in diamonds and rubies, it was a favorite past time of ours to buy these issues as it was our monthly opportunity to slip back and imagine ourselves in this alternate universe wearing Chanel, Gucci, Dior and Prada.

Today we get a ‘what to wear’ report in our morning paper along with our morning coffee and no doubt MSN have an advert or two on what’s the body shape of the year trend. Fashion is everywhere and its obvious expansion hasn’t gone unnoticed, now the average-normal twenty-something sits from his or her bedroom and accesses the vast plethora of the fashion world online and ‘blogs’ about it, giving their own personal view on the latest editorial imagery, catwalk shows and designer/high street collabo’s, And it seems that the world is watching this new generation of ‘fashion enthusiasts’, more precisely the fashion world. 

From 13 year old Tavi Genson to Bryanboy to Susie Bubble of Style Bubble sitting front row next to the likes of Carine Roitfeld, Alexandra Shulman and Lorraine Candy in a normal world is unheard of but only in fashion could something like this be. 

This brings about the latest affair of fashion companies and bloggers. Meet Elin King, one of Switzerland’s biggest bloggers, mainly focusing on her personal style Elin has managed to score a job that anyone (who wants to work in fashion) let alone any blogger would kill for, designing a collection. The brand in question is H&M.  Unfortunately it is only available to purchase in major stores in Switzerland so I’m sure ebay will be a popular location for many to get their hands on this. Here below is a report from Hilary Alexander at the Telegraph

The collection is light, modern and minimalist, spiced with raw, bohemian influences - a look which perfectly reflects the personal style of the blonde 'blogista' who likes to customise her daily 'looks' in an individualistic way. Kling, who launched her blog in 2007, has one of the biggest fashion profiles in Sweden.

I will finish saying congratulations to Elin and I leave intrigued as to what the future holds for bloggers and the industry.  

Images courtesy of fashion.telegraph.co.uk


  1. You've got a good point tho. Blogging has become great medium for designers and those who adore them to keep fashion on an up to date basis for the rest of us croc-wearing high knee sock peons.

  2. yeah for up and coming designers and general fashion lovers, its a great medium for them to display their love/appreciation and talent.