Pure Continental Inspiration.

'One, two three, Hop-scotch' 

'Vogue at Richards'

'Super-malt please, shaken not stirred'

'On the school run'

'Le smoking in Navy' 

'Though they won't see my cuffs in this passport photo I better straighten up'

'Big Poppa'

'Seven days in sunny Lagos'

'New Kid on the block living it large'

'The land of the free'

'Another day at the office'

An aunt of mine on facebook, who shares my love of fashion posted these pictures online, so I have no clue who they belong to or who shot them (if they belong to you please contact me). Despite others having a laugh or cracking a joke here or there I just knew I had to post them up and share with the world the beauty of these pictures. 

The inspiration inked in these shots truly is deep(well at least to me). I could design one or two seasons worth of collections just from a few of these images. 

Strong and bold and un-ashamedly ghetto, they holler a great sense of juxtaposition and pride, the stances and poses are of the 'storytellers' being proud of their style; this type of juxtaposition is stuff photographers and set designers dream to build in many editorial shoots. 
From the (styling) European/British style of dress to the (location) deep in an African 'township' to the men who are modelling,who I like to call 'storytellers', they all show something as real people which some models do not possess in film, which is character. Their characters are beaming and bouncing off the page doing more than what the location or styling co-dependently does, which is great, however having said that the picture wouldn't work without all the individual components put together.

My favourites out of the bunch has to be the first one 'One, two, three Hop-skotch', you can just feel the joy and youthfulness of this young man, his pose is very Vogue esq like in a 'More Dash than Cash Shoot' also his laces tied around his ankles and going up his legs does reference the 'd-i-y more dash than cash' theme. 

Second favourite is 'Le smoking in Navy'. What I love about this photo is his pose and use of props (cane) and how it reflects with the shanty house in the background. His curved cane in position with his leg has elongated his body and makes him look very elegant for an old man. The serious hidden and almost blase face is something not normally put in context in terms of the YSL 'Le smoking' suit, as it resembles power and sex appeal, this guy just looks cool and he knows it, but he's not making it obvious which is what makes him even cooler. The curve of his cane is clashed with the straight sharp lines of his waistcoat neckline and the accurate lines of the tin roofed house in the back, the turquoise panelling gives off a very 'metropolitan' look and theme here. 

It reminds me of a book on my Amazon wish list, which is ever expanding lol, by Daniele Tamagni with a foreword by Paul Smith entitled 'Gentlemen of Bacongo'. Mind you, these photos probably are from there!

Titles of images created by Purple Tweed.

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