Fancy Footwork; A seasonal transition.

It's amazing sometimes how trends work and how they all transcend into one another. I've called this post 'A seasonal transition' simply  because that's what this post is all about. Focusing  on footwear, last AW Chloe created the shoe of the season which was the gladiator bow heel and flat. Worn by editors and socialites alike, with embellished bows from glitter to velvet trims they were all out fanciful, fast forward into AW10, continuing with the reign of European Luxury brands, Valentino have transformed the cute and ladylike bow into the vamp and matte leather gladiator stud heel and flat in black and red with camel trims and buckles. I'm sure the prices are not reflective of 'up-cyciling' however I do like this transition. 

Images courtesy of style.com 

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  1. Hi Melissa, just stumbled across your blog. Great read, keep it up!

    Kati, from The Hub Magazine xx