U.K Will never sleep again....

Those are the words emblazoned across H&M's new transactional website- which I believe is long long overdue. Hennes and Mauritz have finally allowed us lovely people of Britain to add great everyday casuals and super chic pieces at great prices to our virtual shopping baskets. This site comes in the wakening of Spanish retailers Zara doing exactly the same thing. 

I understand why companies like H&M and Zara have reluctantly taken the transactional route, as they have a huge number of stores across London let alone England- the other week I was in the ma-husive Bull Ring shopping complex in Birmingham and in each wing of the building(they have 4 or 5) was a  H&M store at great sizes too- so taking into account the number of stores they have their greatest fear is if consumers stick to shopping online rather than creating enough foot-fall to keep up with the rent rates of their super stores.

Screen shot from H&M.com

Also my number 1 online shopping store asos.com have now allowed people like me to use their NUS student cards- and the choir sings 'HALLELUJAH'- although it's pointless for me to use as it doesn't work in conjunction with ASOS Premier accounts so I'll just have to get others to do my shopping work for me!!! 

Spending majority of my time online blogging, researching etc and looking at these sites I've learnt a lot about web design and user interface etc- some of these sites are fantastic and amazing and soo easy to use but visually exciting with super high res quality images and text in cool fonts with great flash features and has definitely got me thinking and keeping in mind how I want my site to look when I get round to launching myself in the foreseeable future. 

Now that both H&M and Zara are online and ASOS now accepts NUS all that needs to happen is that the above two need to catch up with ASOS and Nandos need to deliver and the country of England will be a happier place!! 

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