Oh ELLE I love you,...(sigh)..but why you let her get shot like that?

Elle magazine worldwide is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary in it's October issue, to celebrate this Elle US have featured up and coming actresses, athletes, politicians, models and musicians all in their prime of turning 25 to take a look at the futures of these bright young things. 
On the cover of this issue is upcoming actress and 'Precious' star Gabourey Sidibe- who I believe is the first black (and I use this term only because I can't find any other words to use in its place- but I HATE it so much) 'plus size' woman to be ever featured on the cover of such a prestigious and famous American fashion glossy. I think this achievement is amazing for her and I give her all kudos HOWEVER- I am seriously outraged at the Elle hair styling team to allow her to be photographed like that for a cover!!! In all the magazine covers featuring models of all races wearing wigs/weaves/extensions/hair-pieces you name it I have NEVER EVER seen a weave job done SOO badly like this one. And I am so angered by this because it's almost like they've said 'yeah all the smaller girls can have great hair and look amazing but we'll let Gabourey going out looking like a HOT MESS!!!' 
It's completely shocking, and I'm sure many of you will agree with me- even Kim Kimble, weave-ress to the stars would agree with me. Despicable! 

Disclaimer: Elle I still love you- but I just had to let it out that you messed up this time-it's ok we all make mistakes...but I still love you!!

Pictures courtesy of concreteloop.com and elle.com