Plush Magazine Cover.

Having had my FMP crit, and receiving positive feedback from all tutors I really feel motivated and inspired about my future career plans. Making the magazine was an on-going progression from the trend-book I had made in the previous module. In keeping with my skills with the Adobe package I only expanded on these and would say I am confident at using these programmes, but I am continuing to learn everyday with online tutorials as well as classes from my tutor.

I also chose to create a magazine because not only did it involve working with InDesign but also being the creative director of a photo shoot- being the one person to source clothes/locations/models/photographers/MUA/hair stylists etc and also to work from another level; creative writing- this particular part enabled me the chance to work with aspiring and upcoming writers. Through the photoshoot I was able to put myself out there and make contacts with people like minded- dedicated and passionate about fashion and the creative industries.

Not only have I got a magazine as part of my professional portfolio but I have also gained valuable skills and experience to help with my placement that I have started. I really love what I’m doing and am learning so much from it and it’s all down to my time at Bournemouth, I aim to come back for the Fashion Design and Technology top up year, before I officially go into industry. 

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