Hussein Chalayan; From Creativity to Commerce

Whilst researching for my trend book, I was looking at the latest S/S10 collection from fashion's forward thinker and designer Hussein Chalayan. I noticed that it seems his collection has been edited dramatically, no longer are there skirts that turn into coffee tables or the iconic lightbulb dress, instead they have been replaced with a range of neutral, navy and white dresses and summer pieces.
It seems that the economic downturn has forced Hussein's hand to be more 'commercial'. I understand that the economic situation worldwide has affected fashion business on a large scale, however sad it may be to see someone as talented as Hussein having to 're-brand' himself (so to speak), it just goes to show that business is business... you have your good days and your bad ones too!!! Having said all this, I don't think he'll suffer too much because they really are beautiful, timeless pieces that can be worn again and again season to season (especially when doing the layering look!)

Pictures courtesy of http://www.style.com/

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